Mist Systems offers AI-based contact tracking solutions for companies

Corona working

Scalable and cost-effective solutions to maximize user security in the workplace or public areas

Mist Systemsa company of Juniper Networks and a pioneer in secure AI-driven networks, announced several new solutions last week to help companies welcome employees, customers and guests back to the office or public facilities after the current Corona containment mandates.

Juniper customers can now perform critical security tasks for business continuity in the workplace, such as Proximity Tracing, Journey Mapping and Hot Zone Alerting as part of strategic contact tracking and social distancing initiatives at a cost effective price By leveraging Mist's proven AI-powered Wi-Fi solutions, patented Bluetooth® LE virtualization and premium analytics solutions, these use cases can now be deployed quickly and in a scalable manner.

At the same time, companies receive the necessary controls to protect the privacy of the employee or user of public facilities.

What would happen if Wi-Fi suddenly became much smarter - just like that, overnight?

You can find out in our webinar with the experts from Mist Systems.

Focus on employee safety

By using Mist Access Points and cloud services in conjunction with Wi-Fi and/or BLE-enabled devices such as smartphones or badges, organizations can now address the following business-critical use cases, Keyword Contact Tracing...to use:

  • Proximity tracing: If there is a COVID-19 suspected case in the company, companies can quickly identify and notify employees, guests or customers who may have been in close proximity to this person.
  • Movement historyOrganizations can view employee movement patterns and retention times over time, providing a history of contacts from arrival to departure. By mapping trips, highly frequented hot zones can be identified, allowing customers to take security measures such as reconfiguring work areas and cleaning.
  • Hot zone alarmBy viewing the number of devices and locations in specific areas, organizations can divert or redirect traffic away from congested areas with real-time, location-based alerts. You can also view trends over time to identify specific areas for proactive action

Read the official article from Mist Systems here.

You can find more information about contact tracing from Mist here.

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