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With digitalization, more and more networked objects are coming into use. The Internet of Things (IoT) promises new products, services and markets through business models that combine data from production, logistics and other areas of companies.

ABAX is your Austrian partner for solutions around Industry 4.0, IoT and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). We offer companies many years of experience and comprehensive solution approaches so that companies can quickly get started with implementation and achieve positive results.

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IoT Security

The combination of classic IT systems with production systems (OT) is inseparably linked with considerations of security and data protection. Otherwise, networked devices can easily become targets for attacks, which can then be used to access production systems. This has far-reaching consequences for the design and operation of these systems. Unlike traditional enterprise IT, many common control applications often run on operating systems that have not been supported for years and may not receive security patches.

ABAX supports you with many years of experience and competent partners in topics and solutions around IoT Security.

IIoT & critical infrastructure

The protection of industrial plants (IIoT) and especially of critical infrastructure and essential services is a special area of IoT. Essential parts of a modern society, such as public transport facilities, health care or services related to electricity, drinking water or telecommunications are indispensable in modern societies, but due to digitalisation they are increasingly becoming a potential target for cybercriminals. A failure of such systems has far-reaching consequences for the public, people and companies.

ABAX supports you with many years of experience and competent partners in topics and solutions concerning IIoT systems.

Abax your partner for IoT solutions in Austria

For more than 25 years ABAX Informationstechnik has been dealing with the secure collection, transfer, storage and evaluation of data. As we are part of the Roxcel Group, we have daily insights into systems, processes, IT and OT environments of manufacturing companies. In addition, we can bring valuable experience to your projects through numerous projects in the energy and manufacturing sector, both in the Austrian and international environment.

We support you from the planning to the implementation to the ongoing optimization of your projects. In doing so, we take care of the design and planning of your network, secure your systems against unwanted access and provide systems for evaluating your data. This allows you to exploit the full potential of digital business models.

Our partners

For IoT you do not have to reinvent the wheel!

In many cases, solutions are already in use on which new projects can build. Open interfaces and standards make it possible to integrate existing devices. By integrating existing systems, you can implement your project quickly, protect your investments and get the most out of your infrastructure.

In the meantime, standard solutions are available as a starting point for common applications from various industries. Here too, rapid implementation based on proven scenarios is possible to get you started quickly.

Frequently asked questions about IoT

As a structured cabling refers to the cabling within and between buildings. It is thus the basis of modern IT infrastructure and for systems that are intended for the transmission of data. It is usually divided into primary, secondary and tertiary cabling.

Forward planning is an essential point in all cabling issues. This enables future-proof structures and prevents subsequent changes, additions and unplanned replacement of parts of the network. Structured cabling is hierarchical and uses star and tree topologies. The layout of all components must be adapted to the requirements of modern networks (switched networks). Therefore, planning includes not only cables but also components such as cables, connectors, junction boxes and patch panels. These must be insensitive to interference, guarantee secure transmission and include redundant lines.

The primary area comprises the cabling of buildings at one location to each other. This area includes cables from site distributors to distributors in buildings as well as the building distributors and the cables between the building distributors. Since large distances have to be covered here, fiber optics (multi- or single mode) are particularly used, since a high transmission rate (bandwidth) with very good attenuation (shielding) can be achieved here. For shorter distances copper cables are still in use.

This area covers the cabling of the floors of a building to each other. The floors within buildings are connected, i.e. from the building distributor to the distributors on the floors. Depending on the requirements, fibre optic or copper cables are also used here.

This area is also called floor cabling, because cabling is done within the floors of a building. The floor distributors are connected to the individual junction boxes. So usually the cable goes from a patch panel to junction boxes in the wall, in a cable duct or in a floor tank with an outlet. Fibre optic cables are usually used here as well.

IoT - Frequently asked questions

Why is planning particularly important for IoT projects in an industrial environment?

Due to the complexity of the solutions, which consist of a multitude of devices, protocols and transmission technologies, clear planning is the key. Especially topics such as transmission technologies, network design and security must be considered as early as possible in the planning of a project.

Even after the initial installation, topics familiar from classic IT such as firewalls, patch management or monitoring are in order. Application control mechanisms also ensure that only the desired communication with your systems can take place.

IT & OT - two worlds with different approaches to security

Unlike traditional enterprise IT, many common control applications often run on operating systems that have not been supported for years and may not receive security patches. This also means that the basis for integrating control applications into a security concept is missing.

Using networking with cloud and remote services is common. Most industrial plants are already network-capable or are supplemented with Industrial Internet of Things Devices (sensors, central services, reporting and visualization tools or similar).

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