Data Science

Data are just summaries of thousands of stories

The goal of Data Science is to gain knowledge from existing data. To achieve this goal, companies often use a variety of solutions for the integration of different data sources, their preparation and the visual analysis of the data. How would it be if you could cover all these sub-areas with one compact solution?

Together with our partner KNIMEwe help them, with only one software, to open the door to their entry into the field of data science.

With KNIME they cover the complete Data Science Lifecycle without writing a single line of code.

Reasons for entering the world of Data Science

New insights, processes and solutions

new objectives

Minimize effort

discover opportunities

With the introduction of Data Science you will not only find time for more important things. You will also increase your opportunities, those of your employees and the overall productivity of the company.

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Any questions?

As the first KMIME partner in Austria, we are happy to support and advise you on solutions that are tailored to your requirements.

Our solutions for Data Science

KNIME Analytics Platform

The KNIME Analytics Platform gives them access to the world of data science regardless of their operating system (Windows, Mac or Linux). With over 2500 nodes they build workflows in the area of ETL for data and tool blending. Create meaningful reports in various formats and make them available via mail, dashboard or website - without programming knowledge.

KNIME Server

Allow their developers, data engineers and data scientists to work cooperatively. Let them execute workflows time- or event-controlled. Node, file and application level security and workflow management. Should the server ever reach its limits, it can be scaled quickly and with little effort.

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