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KNIME Analytics Platform

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ABAX creates your individual solution for your individual problem. As the first Austrian Trusted Partner of KNIME, the specialists of our Business Intelligence Solution (BIS) team will help you take your first steps into the world of Data Science based on the leading open source solution.

The KNIME Analytics Platform gives you access to the world of data science, regardless of your operating system. With over 2500 nodes you can build workflows in the area of ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) for data and tool blending. Create meaningful reports in various formats and make them available via email, dashboard or website - all without programming knowledge.

Advantages of the KNIME Analytics Platform

The KNIME Analytics Platform is
simple and intuitive

The KNIME Analytics Platform offers flexible solutions for various areas

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Abax Your Partner for KNIME Platforms in Austria

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For more than 25 years ABAX Informationstechnik uses its experience in innovative IT services to the advantage of our customers. Our portfolio focuses on Business Intelligence, Data Analytics and Data Science solutions is supported by our dedicated BIS Team members. Since the Acquisition of Lerox data processing GmbH in spring 2019, ABAX has expanded its range of services to include this important aspect.

As a first partner of KNIME in Austria ABAX offers a comprehensive solution for the integration of current technologies such as machine learning, the integration of artificial intelligence and the automation of workflows for the development of innovative solutions in IoT projects. This includes the integration of all relevant data sources, the parameterization of events, improvement of models, visualization of results as well as predictive modeling for planning and implementation of results.

KNIME Data Science Training & Workshops

Take part in our KNIME Data Science Trainings. These workshops provide you with a playful introduction to Data Science with KNIME Analytics Platform.

Frequently asked questions about the KNIME Analytics Platform

Available under a free GPL license, the KNIME Analytics Platform is open source and the perfect environment to provide data science teams with everything they need to create their first data science projects. The core version already includes a variety of modules for different tasks. The amount of data that can be processed with the KNIME Analytics Platform depends only on the available storage space. KNIME supports operating systems such as Windows, Linux and MacOS and is available both on premise and as a cloud service.

KNIME is based on visual workflows. Here, the data analysis tasks are broken down into many different individual steps, which are represented by means of graphical elements. The user can select and combine the individual elements by drag & drop and thus form process chains. There is no need to program code for data analysis and data mining. The actual analysis of the data takes place in the analysis nodes, which stand for specific algorithms. These can be tasks such as reading or outputting, analyses or visualization of the data.

The software masters data preprocessing, modeling, analysis of the data and visualization of the results from the ground up. With the help of plug-ins and connectors, KNIME can be extended extensively, for example with machine learning algorithms. There are connectors for all common file formats and databases, as well as a variety of extensions that allow access to complex data types (images, texts, documents, etc.). There are also integrations with other open source projects.

KNIME Partner Extensions offer a range of commercial features, from industry-specific applications to sophisticated scientific software integrations - all created and managed by KNIME partners such as Abax. This allows custom solutions to be created to meet your requirements. KNIME Server extends the power of the KNIME Analytics Platform to everyone in the organization. It enables collaboration, automation, management and deployment of data science workflows as analytic applications and services.

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