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The main requirement for the IT infrastructure in companies and organizations is to guarantee ongoing operations. Because any downtime costs money, can damage the reputation and, in the worst case, plays into the hands of competitors. Ransomware, Trojans or malware that sneak into IT systems unnoticed over a long period of time can cause considerable damage, lead to data loss and severely impair day-to-day business operations.

With ABAX you get a reliable and experienced service provider for IT security in Austria. Our goal is to stop unwanted intruders as early as possible with state-of-the-art IT security and to detect critical vulnerabilities in your IT.

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IT security solutions from ABAX

For more than 25 years ABAX Informationstechnik has been using the experience around innovative IT services for the benefit of our customers. Since our foundation we have been dealing with network technologies. Therefore we know that security aspects are an integral part of this topic. Our experienced employees can draw on many years of experience from different industries with different requirements to your advantage, regardless of the size of your company.

In addition, we deal with hot topics such as the fusion of IT and OT in the Industry 4.0 environment, the integration of artificial intelligence and advanced analytics, in order to always have our finger on the pulse. With the world-leading solutions of our partners, we rely on innovative and proven solutions for your success.

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Establishment of a customised IT infrastructure

It is undisputed that IT security is becoming increasingly important in companies today. While company IT systems used to be more or less closed systems and the gateways for viruses, data thieves and malware were therefore manageable, it is becoming increasingly difficult for companies to completely seal off their own data center from the outside world. The increasing networking with cloud storage, mobile devices and also the interaction with customers via data exchange and online shop systems holds opportunities, but also risks. These must be countered by modern IT security.

Our team of experts also supports you with the IT security of your clouds and mobile devices in order to close all security gaps and to enable a continuous operation of your IT systems.

Why a firewall alone is not sufficient as IT security

Especially in less technology-heavy industries, the common practice of relying on well-known systems such as a firewall and an antivirus program still prevails. The first problem is the active maintenance of these systems. In addition, the risk situation is constantly changing. Outdated systems that are not actively maintained represent an easy attack vector for potential malware or hackers.

Especially Cryptolocker or Ransomware, which prevent access to customer, product and other company data that companies need on a daily basis, threaten the continued existence of companies. This requires a constantly adapted concept for IT security, which in addition to active support must also include regular IT security tests.

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Frequently asked questions about IT security

Due to the advancing digitalization, no company can be successful today without IT security. In addition to the theft of data or intellectual property, reputation and legal requirements must also be taken into account; therefore, a purely cost-oriented evaluation does not make sense here. In addition, IT security must always be up-to-date in order to be able to react promptly to new threats, be scalable and flexible depending on the requirements of the company and the market and, above all, be secure.

Penetration testing is a comprehensive security test of individual computers, applications or network segments. This IT security test is an essential component of modern IT security. A hack attack on the company's IT systems is simulated in order to identify and eliminate vulnerabilities. The reporting of such a test is an important basis for further measures to improve your IT security. Regular testing with different threat scenarios can gradually strengthen the protection of critical systems. This test can also be carried out in various ways (for example, with or without special information), but a defined scope, purpose and timeframe should always be agreed between the company and the service provider.

A zero-day attack is the exploitation of a security vulnerability immediately after the vulnerability becomes known in a software application. Modern security applications can detect these unknown attacks, for example, by combining several factors that characterize such unusual behavior of a program, and contain them at an early stage.

With this security approach, users, devices or applications are not granted access to networks and resources from the outset, but it is decided individually whether the request is accepted or not. The principle here is: no one is trusted, everyone must verify themselves. In addition, network traffic is heavily monitored.

With a VPN (Virtual Private Network), information can be sent securely over public networks. Software is used to create a virtual, closed network between internal and external users, devices and applications. Encryption technologies are used for this purpose.

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