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Don't be put off by demanding tasks and use the potential of your data. With 25 years of experience, we are your competent partner for Business Intelligence and Big Data projects. We support our customers with our expertise from projects in the manufacturing, retail or service industries and bring the right pinch of inspiration for your new plans and goals.

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from the idea to the implementation and ongoing optimization

Whether in cooperation with your team or completely outsourced to us, we implement your wishes in high quality. The optimization of existing business intelligence environments is also one of our tasks.  

Of course, we are also at your side after the implementation - our service desk supports you with your ongoing concerns. 

Every company is a data company

Data is ubiquitous and the amount of information sources is constantly increasing due to digitalisation. This amount of information holds tremendous, unprecedented opportunities for businesses:

Whatever your goals, from improving data sources, expanding your staff's skills, increasing analytics to new areas, or improving the bottom line, we're here to help.

Frequently asked questions about cabling

As a structured cabling refers to the cabling within and between buildings. It is thus the basis of modern IT infrastructure and for systems that are intended for the transmission of data. It is usually divided into primary, secondary and tertiary cabling.

Forward planning is an essential point in all cabling issues. This enables future-proof structures and prevents subsequent changes, additions and unplanned replacement of parts of the network. Structured cabling is hierarchical and uses star and tree topologies. The layout of all components must be adapted to the requirements of modern networks (switched networks). Therefore, planning includes not only cables but also components such as cables, connectors, junction boxes and patch panels. These must be insensitive to interference, guarantee secure transmission and include redundant lines.

The primary area comprises the cabling of buildings at one location to each other. This area includes cables from site distributors to distributors in buildings as well as the building distributors and the cables between the building distributors. Since large distances have to be covered here, fiber optics (multi- or single mode) are particularly used, since a high transmission rate (bandwidth) with very good attenuation (shielding) can be achieved here. For shorter distances copper cables are still in use.

This area covers the cabling of the floors of a building to each other. The floors within buildings are connected, i.e. from the building distributor to the distributors on the floors. Depending on the requirements, fibre optic or copper cables are also used here.

This area is also called floor cabling, because cabling is done within the floors of a building. The floor distributors are connected to the individual junction boxes. So usually the cable goes from a patch panel to junction boxes in the wall, in a cable duct or in a floor tank with an outlet. Fibre optic cables are usually used here as well.

Seminars and training courses

We offer training for all our offered products, on-site at your location or in our training rooms. Whether developer or designer training, beginner or advanced user, we cover all questions around the software you use.

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