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KNIME Server

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Enable your developers, data engineers and data specialists to work cooperatively with the KNIME Server variants: Workflows are executed time or event controlled, security on node, file and application level as well as workflow management is standard. Should the server ever reach its limits, it can be scaled quickly and with little effort.

Build on our many years of experience in data science and our expertise as the first KNIME Trusted Partner in Austria. Our experts create and implement a workflow for KNIME Server. Your end users interact in a controlled way with the workflow on the web, use, share and exploit the results in your company.

Advantages of the KNIME Server

Collaboration in KNIME

Being more flexible through a WebPortal

Use of meta nodes

Deployment and Guided Analytics

KNIME Server Variants

KNIME Server

For small teams, to share workflows and to run them remotely.

KNIME Server

Extends the functions of the Small Server by a WebPortal. Workflows open via a web browser to edit them in the Analytics Platform and REST API connection

KNIME Server

 For large teams with an unlimited number of WebPortal consumers across departments, teams and the globe via the browser

KNIME Server Features

Short guide to the features: Are the features the same for all packages? Is it possible to upgrade the servers? Downgrade? Test possible?

Versioning of workflows

Automated and flexible execution of workflows

Cloud deployment via Azure and AWS

Security and access management at node, file and application level

Scale Out and Scale Up possible (via RabbitMQ)

Abax your partner for KNIME Server in Austria

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For more than 25 years ABAX Informationstechnik uses its experience in innovative IT services to the advantage of our customers. Our portfolio focuses on Business Intelligence, Data Analytics and Data Science solutions is supported by our dedicated BIS Team members. Since the Acquisition of Lerox data processing GmbH in spring 2019, ABAX has expanded its range of services to include this important aspect.

As a first partner of KNIME in Austria ABAX offers a comprehensive solution for the integration of current technologies such as machine learning, the integration of artificial intelligence and the automation of workflows for the development of innovative solutions in IoT projects. This includes the integration of all relevant data sources, the parameterization of events, improvement of models, visualization of results as well as predictive modeling for planning and implementation of results.

KNIME Data Science Training & Workshops

Take part in our KNIME Data Science Trainings. These workshops provide you with a playful introduction to Data Science with KNIME Analytics Platform.

Frequently asked questions about KNIME servers

KNIME Server enables teams of data scientists, business analysts and IT developers to collaborate efficiently. It extends the power of the KNIME Analytics platform to everyone in the organization. KNIME Server enables collaboration, automation, management, and deployment of data science workflows as analytic applications and services. Business analysts can access data science through the KNIME WebPortal, and application developers can use REST APIs to integrate workflows as analytics services for applications and IoT systems.

The KNIME Analytics Platform is an open source-based data analysis, reporting, and integration platform that uses a graphical interface to allow users to create data flows, perform selected analysis steps, and review results, models, and interactive views. KNIME Server extends enterprise collaboration capabilities and includes features such as user authentication and permissions, web services support, workflow versioning and commercial support. Small, Medium and Large editions are available depending on requirements.

Available under a free GPL license, the KNIME Analytics Platform is open source and the perfect environment to provide data science teams with everything they need to create their first data science projects. The core version already includes a variety of modules for different tasks. The amount of data that can be processed with the KNIME Analytics Platform depends only on the available storage space. KNIME supports operating systems such as Windows, Linux and MacOS and is available both on premise and as a cloud service.

Pricing is based on an annual subscription. For the different server editions, this depends on the factors "Number of users", "Consumers" (users who have access to the analytic applications and services via Web Portal) and "Cores". For a detailed offer please contact us on.

Data Analytics Consulting for companies in Austria