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The IT infrastructure of any company must fit the requirements and needs of the business. It is also the foundation of any modern business. This is especially true in times of digitalization with all its constantly changing business processes. To ensure that your IT landscape fits your business perfectly, you need the professional support of an experienced service provider.

For more than 25 years, ABAX Informationstechnik has been using its experience in innovative IT services for the benefit of our customers. Our experts at Abax are happy to help you lay the foundation for your entrepreneurial success - holistically oriented and thinking along with you.

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Modern IT infrastructure creates opportunities to manage the rapidly changing demands on businesses. 24/7 availability, increasing data volumes and technological progress are challenges that many companies face today. Infrastructure that grows with and can be adapted to them enables companies to prepare for them in the best possible way and actively support their positive economic development.

Establishment of a customised IT infrastructure

IT infrastructure - tailor-made concept

Depending on the requirements and objectives, we create your customized IT infrastructure. Since all areas of modern IT infrastructure build on each other or are interconnected, well thought-out planning and documentation of individual infrastructure solutions is the first step towards a future-proof IT landscape.

Due to trends like Internet of Things (IoT) or Industry 4.0, there is an ever greater integration of active and passive network components. Real-time communication for new services as well as improved performance of existing systems require a rethinking of the given structures.

Optimization of your existing IT landscape

Not every company has its own and sufficiently specialized IT staff that can cover all IT infrastructure issues. Especially with data protection and IT Security it is often difficult to keep a finger on the pulse and always take the right precautions to keep dangers away from the company. The support and optimisation of existing structures by ABAX is a sensible solution here. We plan stable and secure systems for companies with our experienced and well-trained employees, who plan, install and support for you.

Thanks to the targeted addition of Managed Services or our IT Helpdesk to your IT specialists, your IT infrastructure will always remain in your own hands, while at the same time receiving comprehensive support. Extensions and necessary adaptations can also be planned and implemented together with the external team.

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Frequently asked questions about IT infrastructure

IT infrastructure refers to tangible and intangible assets that enable companies to run software applications. (Definition Wikipedia)

From a technical point of view, the IT infrastructure primarily includes hardware and software as well as computer centres with special equipment (such as the Wiring,) in which these are housed or operated. From an organizational point of view, this also includes the employees with their know-how to operate the technical components.

The inventory of the existing components of an IT system (actual situation) forms the basis of every successful IT project. Based on an up-to-date documentation of the systems, possibilities, advantages and disadvantages as well as opportunities and risks of a project can be derived. On this basis, the TARGET situation, i.e. the planned situation after implementation of the project, can be created, planned and executed.

Consolidation is generally understood to mean the bringing together of different parts or components. In the IT environment, this is understood to mean the merging of systems, databases and applications with the aim of standardizing and unifying them in order to meet new requirements, reduce complexity, accelerate processes and, above all, reduce costs. Very often, this also refers to the replacement of legacy systems in the course of a technology refresh.

Legacy systems are often no longer able to meet the current requirements of customers, employees and the market situation. Through the consolidation and renewal of IT landscapes, noticeable gains in speed, adaptability to a rapidly changing market environment and an increase in productivity in the company can be achieved, especially in the course of digitalization.

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