Data Analytics

Make better decisions based on your data

In many companies, the potential of existing data is not nearly taken advantage of enough. Yet it can be so easy to extract valuable information from the vast amount of data that every company generates every single day. Only those who have their data under control will have long-term success in the Digital Economy.

Our team of experts not only deals in detail with classic topics concerning the preparation and presentation of data, but above all with future-proof concepts for augmented and advanced analytics. With the worldwide leading solutions of our partners from QlikTech and Microsoft we focus on innovative and proven solutions for your success.

Experience the advantages of the different solutions and complement them with useful add-ons to get the most out of your data.

Reasons for entering the world of data analytics

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Increase efficiency and productivity

With the introduction of data analytics, you will not only significantly increase your efficiency and that of your employees, but also the overall productivity of your company. Make better decisions through better data quality, the integration of various data sources and clear reports.

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Our solutions for data analytics


Why should you follow an analytic path that follows a standard schema already pre-aggregated accordingly? Take the entirety of your available data and draw your own conclusions! QlikView gives you the opportunity to let your intuition run wild.

Qlik Sense

Make yourself independent of overloaded IT departments. Get rid if rigid analysis paths and pre-determined visualizations. Decide for yourself what your next solution should look like. And all this independent of time, location and end device.

Microsoft Power BI

With Microsoft Power BI, you get a powerful cloud-based data visualization suite to connect to and visualize any data. On the basis of up-to-date, understandable and clearly presented data, companies use this advantage to make future-oriented decisions.

K4 Analytics, NPrinting and Mail & Deploy

Use proven add-ons to your Business Intelligence and Data Analytics solution to enhance it with smart functions and to respond even more to your individual requirements and to exploit the full potential of your data.

ABAX relies on solutions from leading providers

See for yourself the advantages of the most powerful Business Intelligence and Data Analytics tools on the market.

Also Gartner, the leader in trend analysis, confirms this in its Magic Quadrant for Data Analysis and Business Intelligence Platforms.

Magic Quadrant from Gartner

Qlik is considered one of the leaders in Business Intelligence

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