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The targeted use of modern data analysis methods brings companies clear advantages. For this purpose, the potential of existing data must be linked with information about customers, products, services, partners and markets. Then, unused potentials can be exploited and strategic advantages can be achieved.

Data analytics enables the consolidation and analysis of data from different systems, sources and formats. This enables employees to work with this data, to make decisions on the basis of well-founded information and to share and report on this information in teams.

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ABAX combines many years of experience in these topics with future-proof concepts for augmented and advanced analytics. Our goal: to find the optimal solution for your company and your employees and to achieve goals together.

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With the introduction of data analytics, you will not only significantly increase your efficiency and that of your employees, but also the overall productivity of your company. Make better decisions through better data quality, the integration of various data sources and clear reports.

With our data analytics consulting, we support you throughout the entire process.

Our Data Analytics solutions

Data Analytics: QlikView

Why should you follow an analysis path that has already been pre-aggregated according to a standard scheme? Take all the data available to you and draw your own conclusions! QlikView allows you to let your intuition run wild.

Data Analytics: Qlik Sense

Make yourself independent of overburdened IT departments. Break free from rigid analysis paths and prefabricated visualizations. Determine yourself what your next solution approach should look like - and the whole thing is independent of time, location and end device.

Data Analytics: Microsoft Power BI

With Microsoft Power BI, you get a powerful cloud-based data visualization suite to connect to and visualize any data. Based on up-to-date, understandable and clearly presented data, companies use this advantage to make forward-looking decisions.

Data Analytics: K4 Analytics, NPrinting, Mail & Deploy and Vizlib

Use proven add-ons to your business intelligence and data analytics solution to expand it with smart functions. This allows you to optimally exploit the full potential of your database, tailored to your requirements.

Why introduce Data Analytics into the company?

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Achievement of your set company goals

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ABAX is your partner for data analytics in Austria

For more than 25 years ABAX Informationstechnik has been using its experience in innovative IT services for the benefit of its customers. Our portfolio around Business Intelligence, Data Analytics and Data Science solutions that are brought to life by our dedicated BIS Team members. cared for. Through the acquisition of Lerox Datenverarbeitung GmbH in spring 2019, ABAX has expanded its range of services to include this important aspect. Our team of experts can point to many years of experience with leading products around the consolidation of data, integration of data sources and the presentation of results. In addition, we deal with current concepts on augmented and advanced analytics. With the world-leading solutions of our partners from QlikTech, MicroStrategy and Microsoft we rely on innovative and proven solutions for your success.

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Frequently asked questions about Data Analytics

Companies of all industries and sizes are trying to take advantage of digital technologies and develop new business models. By accessing all available data and analyzing this information, they multiply your potentials.

Analyses are no longer the goal, but the basis for decision-making. By combining data from different sources, all relevant components are included and correlations become more visible. This facilitates strategic decisions.

Data arises from different sources, at different speeds and in different formats. This means that the overview of interrelationships is easily lost. Through the consolidation of sources and memorable visualization, modern analysis solutions enable employees to make quick and fact-based decisions.

Users see analysis as part of their existing workflows so that they can immediately translate insights into action and increasingly expect results in real time. This is what makes applications around Industry 4.0 and IoT possible in the first place.

The amount of data generated contrasts with the ability of employees to process, analyze, and translate it into action in a timely manner. With the help of AI, bottlenecks in the information value chain can be eliminated. This applies to all areas from data collection and its preparation to critical and unbiased analysis and the presentation of contextual results.

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Secure your business advantage with data analytics

In many cases, solutions are already in use on which new projects can build. Open interfaces and standards make it possible to integrate existing data sources or systems. This allows you to implement your project quickly, protect your investments and get the most out of your infrastructure.

In the meantime, standard solutions are available as a starting point for common applications from various industries. Here too, rapid implementation based on proven scenarios is possible to get you started quickly.