IIoT and critical infrastructure

If there is no alternative to 100% availability

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is an extension of the idea of the Internet of Things (IoT) to the industrial, especially the manufacturing sector. The focus is thus on industrial processes. The integration of automated production steps with artificial intelligence or other current technologies results in higher operational efficiency, cost reductions in production, faster processes and the realisation of new business models.

In the meantime, the traditionally isolated departments Corporate IT and Operational Technology (OT) in production have become basically obsolete. Both areas are now based on IT-supported systems and are thus exposed as a point of attack for cybercrime. You can find out why no IoT project can do without IT security and how ABAX supports you here at IoT Security.

Essential parts of a modern society, such as public transport facilities, health care or services related to electricity, drinking water or telecommunications are defined as critical infrastructure. On the one hand, modern societies cannot be imagined without them, but on the other hand, due to digitalisation, they are increasingly coming to the fore as a possible target for cyber criminals. A failure of such systems has far-reaching consequences for the public, people and companies.

In Austria, these facilities are referred to as essential services and the undertakings concerned as Operators of essential services (BwD - Betreiber wesentlicher Dienste).

Protecting critical infrastructure - fending off cyber attacks

Identification of weaknesses

Continuous monitoring & attack detection

Rapid response

Energy supply

The latest information on critical infrastructure protection

Rhebo network monitoring
Rhebo network monitoring with anomaly detection, source: Rhebo

Attack vectors in the IIoT environment

Exploitation of weak points of IoT devices

Spear phishing

Extract information

Insufficiently secured network access points

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Legal requirements - NIS Act

After the NIS Act operators of essential services (BwD) must take security precautions against cyber attacks. This concerns the following sectors:




Financial market infrastructures

Health care

Drinking water supply

Digital infrastructure

Federal institutions

Digital service providers

These include online marketplaces, search engines and cloud computing services. You will find more detailed regulations here.

The regulation relevant for Austria (Network and Information System Security Ordinance - NISV) transposing the EU directive of December 2018 was issued on 17/07/2019. Comprehensive information as well as important questions and answers concerning legal aspects can be found at the Page of the Federal Chancellery.

In addition, the Austrian Programme for Critical Infrastructure Protection (APCIP) offers support for strategically important companies in setting up a comprehensive security architecture (risk management, business continuity management and security management).

Solutions to protect essential services

Rhebo Industrial Protector

Rhebo Industrial Protector reliably protects network control technology against disturbances caused by cyber attacks, malicious programs, technical error conditions and manipulation. Using innovative deep packet inspection technology and anomaly detection, assets and communication within the network boundaries are monitored down to the value level of the telegrams. Suspicious communications are reported to you in real time and all details are stored for forensic analysis. This allows you to detect faults before they occur, analyse faults in a targeted manner, react to technical errors and thus maintain the overall effectiveness of the systems.

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Rhebo IoT Device Protection

Industrial and distributed IoT device manufacturers need an intelligent, automated detection and defense system for IoT device security. This must also seamlessly identify unknown attack patterns and minimize fleet risk via intelligent automated threat prevention. Rhebo IoT Device Protection is a dedicated IoT monitoring solution that protects networked IoT devices from cyberattacks, tampering and technical fault conditions. Anomaly detection and automated threat prevention provide integrated cybersecurity for industrial IoT devices and the global IoT network. This provides End-to-end cybersecurity for IoT devices becomes a reality.

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Ensuring cyber security and stability for industrial control systems

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