The Reporting 2.0

With NPrinting, you add a fully automated reporting tool to your Business Intelligence environment. Leave time-consuming copy/paste procedures behind and use the time for your core tasks. NPrinting enables QlikView and Qlik Sense users to take reporting to the next level. 

Creating the report itself takes most of the time. You copy information from QlikView or Qlik Sense into an Excel template, check the report again for errors, possibly change various formats that have not been adopted and then send them to various mailing lists. With NPrinting you create a report only once. You link data from your Business Intelligence tool with a simple procedure and do not need to worry about it in the future. Various templates are located on your in-house server and are managed by you.


One of the biggest advantages of NPrinting are the formats for development or the output formats for shipping.  

Here you can access Microsoft Office formats like Excel, Word or PowerPoint.

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Advantages of NPrinting

Automated reports

Report formats and scope variable

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