The future of wide area networking is software-defined

What is software-defined WAN (SD WAN)

A software-defined WAN solution (SD WAN) is used specifically to connect data centers, branches or subsidiaries at the WAN edge. This has advantages such as dynamic path selection from existing technologies such as 4G/5G, LTE or MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching). Since these connections have lower costs for the same Quality of Service (QoS), redundancy and significantly higher capacities can be provided.

An SD-WAN approach means using the Internet or cloud-native private networks instead of proprietary hardware. An SD WAN thus decouples the network from the management layer and separates the traffic management and monitoring functions from the hardware. This allows companies to use networks more flexibly and agilely, to control traffic in a targeted manner and to centrally deploy network services in the WAN. 

Reasons for SD WAN

The increased use of Cloud applications leads to separation of users, applications and data and access via Internet connections.

The central management and segmentation of the traffic enables higher security level for users, devices and applications.

The huge costs , complexity and low flexibility of existing MPLS Networks call for new approaches to connectivity.

Modern systems require higher Bandwidths for real-time applications and rapid response to new requirements.

Modern SD WAN solutions have clear advantages over a classic MPLS connection. This is mainly because today's data traffic, which consists of advanced web applications and complex workflows, requires a more flexible and dynamic architecture for connectivity than traditional static MPLS connections can provide.

In the adjacent table you will find the main differences between the technologies on important topics.

What are the key benefits of SD WAN?

Secure and simple cloud-ready WAN connection:

Better transparency for applications

Dynamic path selection

Zero-Touch Deployment

The integrated SD-WAN approach with Next Generation Security Features

Improve the user experience

Simplify operations on the WAN Edge

Higher security through integrated NGFW technologies

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