Webinar: Industry 4.0 still has to learn IT security


Industry 4.0 & IoT - Security remains a hot topic

With IoT (Internet of Things), companies are able to exploit their potential in terms of productivity, remote monitoring and process optimization more comprehensively and efficiently with networked devices and new services. It is precisely this networking that increasingly makes the applications and components of the devices in a sensitive IoT ecosystem a target for cybercriminals.

How great is the real danger?

Industry 4.0 still has to learn IT security

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Speaker: Udo Schneider

IoT Security Evangelist Europe / Trend Micro

Udo Schnieder, Trend Micro

As IoT Security Evangelist Europe, Udo Schneider has been working for many years on cyber risks for the (industrial) Internet of Things and their defence.

Previously, he was a security evangelist at Trend Micro, responsible for general IT security education, after spending several years as a Solution Architect (EMEA) developing appropriate measures to counter these threats.

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IoT and Security - still up-to-date

The increasing digitalization and interconnection of systems offers opportunities, but also brings with it risks (Picture: stock.adobe.com) ABAX discussed the topic of security in the IoT environment several years ago. Through


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