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It all starts with a cybersecurity score

See the picture attackers have of your business and security ecosystem, monitor, assess and prevent cybersecurity risks before damage occurs.

Businesses have always faced a variety of risks, but over the past two decades, cyber risks have become one of the fastest growing threats to businesses, their data, and their financial success. These assets are the focus for cybercriminals - and many vulnerabilities lend themselves to them, from internal mistakes like misconfigured servers, unsecured access for external partners, or employees who accidentally (or, in the worst cases, intentionally) lose data, to cyberterrorism and corporate espionage.

According to the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), nearly $600 billion - almost 1% of global GDP - is lost to cybercrime each year. Cyber risks are in the top 3 current threats and if not for current events, they would be the clear number 1 (Source: Allianz Risk Barometer 2021): "A cyber attack or technical failure that causes a major outage can result in a serious business interruption event."

This is associated with production downtimes, delivery interruptions, data loss and, as a factor that should not be neglected, loss of reputation. A current example is the hacker attack on the Colonial Pipeline with its consequences.

You can only prevent the dangers you know about - 06/16/2021 11:00 AM

We'll show you the comprehensive security assessments, advanced data analytics, and resulting insights you'll gain from SecurityScorecard's solutions for your business. Minimize cyber risk across your IT infrastructure and vendor and third-party ecosystem, gain meaningful and actionable insights, and scale your program with SecurityScorecard's suite of products and services.

Active prevention

What can companies actively do about it? The first steps to protect against a threat are to be aware of it and identify the areas of the business that may be affected. Here helps SecurityScorecard Demonstrate and mitigate your organization's cybersecurity risk by identifying vulnerabilities in your controls and threats to your business. SecurityScorecard's security assessments use an A-F scale of thirteen factors and automatically generate a recommended action plan when issues are discovered.

With our many years of experience in the fields of Security and IT infrastructure the specialists of ABAX offer comprehensive solutions to put your processes on a future-proof basis.


Minimize cyber risk across your IT infrastructure and vendor and third-party ecosystem, gain meaningful and actionable insights, and scale your program with the suite of products and services from SecurityScorecard.


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