Security experts from ABAX and XSec ...

...supported you 11.10.2017 at the IBM Security Event at the IBM Client Center Vienna.

Is the flood of information threatening the IT security of your company?„,
What are the Top 5 To-Dos for companies,
Managing directors and CIOs before the introduction of the DSGVO 2018
and "How can I manage all end devices centrally?

- These were the questions the participants asked themselves before the event.

Mr Jokob Geyer, AHW Attorneys at Law, presented solutions for and the most important tasks before the introduction of Basic data protection regulation 2018.

Subsequently, Mr Bernhard Kammerstetter a clear view of safety-relevant information to real threats from fake, positive values to distinguish with
IBM Security QRadar®

After a short break IBM's leading solution for unified End device management, IBM MaaS360 introduced.

Last but not least, Mr. DI Mag Mag. Benjamin Böck, XSec, like Hacker attacks and how best to avoid this protect can.

Following this very informative and frightening lecture, the examples shown were discussed intensively.



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