Digital enterprises need a well-planned network infrastructure - Part 3

Modern networks
In addition to all the latest technologies, security remains an integral part of infrastructure projects (Image: Adobe Stock)

We have already dealt with the various aspects of modern IT infrastructure in the past. An overview of Cabling as the basis for digitization we gave for the first time in 2019 and a few weeks ago the Considered competitive advantages that companies achieve through up-to-date IT infrastructure can.

In the third and final part, we will take a closer look at modern technologies for networking locations, in particular SD-WAN and the issues that arise from this for the IT infrastructure. The topics Iot and Industry 4.0 we have in the first part, home office at second element discussed.

All this makes it more and more important for companies to deal with the right network infrastructure, cabling and of course the omnipresent topic of security. 

Connection of sites - SD-WAN

Since the distribution layer has already been mentioned... solutions such as SD-WAN are located here in particular. Some of the issues mentioned above, such as a large number of employees accessing resources on the corporate network in a variety of ways, as well as branch offices and multi-clouds, present challenges for both large and small companies. In many cases, these are organizing their existing resources in a meaningful way and developing a solution that is easy to implement and manage. These solutions should span a geographically distributed network and grow with the requirements. This is where SD-WAN solutions can score, as they can play to two of their strengths in multi-cloud environments - the flexible selection of the network path from the application to the user and the automation of tasks.

And once again Security

One of the main advantages of an SD-WAN is the dynamic path selection from the available connection options, which in most cases are MPLS, 4G/5G or broadband Internet. This ensures that all users in the company can access business-critical (cloud) applications quickly and easily. Security aspects are inextricably linked to this. An SD-WAN solution must have integrated security features, otherwise it remains just another way of connecting locations - and also becomes a vector for attack. Properly implemented, a Secure SD-WAN enhances the security of the entire enterprise by acting as a single, comprehensive system. Ideally, each element runs the same operating system and is centrally managed. For more information on SD-WAN, click here: Link to our SD WAN page.

From a network infrastructure and cabling perspective, a focus on SD-WAN represents a shift in some issues: Rigid concepts like MPLS connections are replaced by dynamic solutions. Nevertheless, the requirements to have sufficient performance in the data center remain in order not to slow down the advantages gained here, such as the better user experience when accessing applications. In any case, modern networks must support current security concepts, support the increased use of cloud applications and support the increasing decentralization of workplaces (keyword home office and mobile employees). As a result, automation, the integration of artificial intelligence and machine learning are becoming increasingly important. Without a suitable basis, however, these topics cannot be implemented - so we end up back at network infrastructure and cabling.

Learn more about SD-WAN here

SD WAN 2.0

SD-WAN The future of Wide Area Networking is software-defined Modern SD-WAN solutions for companies in Austria Expensive and complex MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) lines between locations are no longer up-to-date.


Conclusion - forward planning also helps with unforeseen events

The planning of the network infrastructure has a significant influence on the overall performance of a company, as users only work productively if the applications offer a good user experience. A carefully planned network also saves costs in the long term: sources of error are reduced, the expansion of the infrastructure is easier with forward-looking cabling, new standards can be adapted more easily and new requirements can be implemented more cost-effectively and with a better result.

All of this means that both on-site and in the central data center, data cabling that is as future-oriented as possible, that guarantees higher speeds and can be flexibly adapted to future features such as protocols and connection technologies, must increasingly move to the center of considerations. In addition, the connection of national and international locations is just as much an issue -which does not simplify matters. As already noted in our article from 2019, planning ahead is the only way to avoid a chaotic network infrastructure, even and especially in very dynamic environments that are expanded selectively and often mostly under time pressure. Because once you get into this vortex, it is much more complicated, time-consuming and, above all, expensive to get back to a status where the various requirements can be reconciled.

A well-planned and structured network infrastructure including cabling, on the other hand, supports the daily work processes in every company. Modern, sensibly planned communication paths support an up-to-date economic and as smooth as possible way of working. The common basis for this is a future-proof, structured cabling as the foundation of a crisis-proof IT infrastructure. In this way, companies can better master crises such as the current one, since core areas of companies can continue to run - and thus the economic continued existence of the company is guaranteed.

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