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On Demand Webinar: "Everything's So Slow Here": Riverbed Solves Your Networking Problems

"Everything so slow here"

Working from home - just as if you were in the office! This sounds more than tempting for many employees at first. And companies are also dealing with this topic, because, as in our Blog article on the world of work 4.0 mentioned, the possibility to choose one's workplace flexibly is also an important factor when recruiting employees.

In reality, however, problems related to network issues often prove to be spoilsports. This reduces the motivation and productivity of the employees.

Network and application performance has also become increasingly unpredictable for IT teams, especially when the workforce is faced with the rapid transition to the home office.

Everything so slow here - Riverbed solves your network problems

Working from home - just as if you were in the office! Unfortunately, network problems often hinder the performance of your employees. Riverbed helps ensure reliable performance for applications.

Learn in our webinar how to

  • Achieve noticeable data reductions
  • Deliver faster, more consistent and reliable performance for on-premise and SaaS applications
  • Avoid performance problems due to unpredictable network latency and resource contention between applications
Home Office FAQ
Secure in the home office, source: Adobe

Riverbed enables companies to optimize network connections to home office workstations and ensure long-term performance for business-critical applications - for your benefit and that of your employees.

With 25 years of experience in network security and management, ABAX is a partner of Riverbed Your competent contact person for network optimization.

We look forward to welcoming you to the webinar "Everything so slow here - Riverbed solves your networking problems" on 04/23/2020 at 10:00.

Your ABAX sales team

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