Working Worlds 4.0 - Mobile Workplace, Home Office and Co-Working Spaces

Flexible working is the norm today, not the exception (Image: Adobe Stock)

A journey into the new world of work 4.0

Today we are dedicated to an ever growing trend and a meanwhile "must have" in the globalized and digital working world: "Mobile Workplaces!

We call working world 4.0 the optimal adaptation of the workplace to the challenges and opportunities of digital transformation. We distinguish between:

every employee can carry out his or her work from any workstation and meet with colleagues on specific topics,

Laptop/Computer/Tablet/Smartphone accesses the company network and employees can do their work from home without any restrictions,

These are places inside or outside the company where cross-company projects can also be worked on in teamwork.

Working productively at home, Source: Adobe

This adjustment is made necessary by the fact that the boundaries between private and working life are becoming increasingly blurred and the demand for greater flexibility and autonomy is growing.

"I want to be able to work anywhere, anytime, and be able to manage my own time."

Scientific studies show that companies should react and respond to this wish of their employees. Increased productivity, more creativity, better employee loyalty to their employer and the opportunity to develop are beneficial for both the employer and the employees. It should not be forgotten that transforming the world of work into mobile workplaces can also bring very mundane business benefits.

"The workplace becomes a home and the home becomes a workplace"

Economic benefits through work environments 4.0

A working environment that gives the employee satisfaction is often also more cost-effective. If every employee has his or her own office, this automatically results in a large unused area, which in purely business terms is equivalent to dead capital. A Working World 4.0 makes optimal use of this space, as anyone can work at any place in the space. It is of course important that every mobile workstation is equipped with the necessary technical features. And this is exactly where we come to the next and one of the most essential points of the working world 4.0.

We at ABAX are happy to assist you in creating a concept for a working world 4.0 that is optimally tailored to your company with word and deed and above all with many years of experience in this field, would be happy to help you. Because one thing is absolutely clear: IT plays a particularly important and decisive role here.

We look forward to your Request!

How do I turn a conventional working world into a modern workplace?

One thing in advance: For an optimal, modern and mobile workplace, there are unfortunately NONE Patent solution. Every company is unique and it is precisely this uniqueness that must be taken into account when creating a new working environment. So something must be clarified in advance:

Relaxed working, flexible and mobile
Relaxed working, flexible and mobile, Source: Adobe
  • What does the corporate culture look like?
  • What features must each workstation have so that it can be used by everyone?
  • How secure should the communication be?
  • Which strategy or which goal should be achieved?

These and many other questions have to be clarified individually for each company in order to achieve the big goal of moving away from the classic office to workspaces where employees feel comfortable, can be creative and flexible and can come together to work on specific topics.

After all, it must be possible to implement a digital workstation solution according to your ideas that allows all necessary applications and data to be made available anywhere and at any time, but is still secure. Employees should be able to synchronize data in any form simply, securely and risk-free from anywhere.

Every company has its own special needs and requirements. Once the most important questions have been clarified in advance and a common goal has been defined, there are no limits to creativity and individuality in the implementation.



Adapting the workplace to the challenges of digital transformations is important, inevitable sooner rather than later, and can bring a wealth of benefits to each individual company. As so often in life, however, the "HOW?" is also important in this area.

Here we are from ABAX We would be pleased to assist you at any time and are looking forward to helping you create a new working environment that is tailored to your needs, be allowed to support.

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