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2019 NSS Labs Data Center Security Gateway Test Recommends Juniper Networks Data Center Security Gateways

Juniper Networks announced in Data Center Security Gateway (DCSG) Test Report 2019 from NSS Labs, Inc, the world's leading information security research and consulting firm, received the rating "Recommended". These independent tests focus on security effectiveness and use simulations of real-world data traffic and volume. This helps to determine the exact limits of the systems submitted by the provider.

"Juniper is back. The company is reasserting itself in the data center with a strong showing and should be on everyone's short list.

The main findings

"Juniper's back," is the first item from NSS Labs under "Key Takeaways" in DCSG Security Value Map Comparative Report. Juniper's SRX5400 was evaluated for security effectiveness, performance, stability, reliability and total cost of ownership (TCO).

Among the remarkable results of the report on Juniper systems are

  • the values of 100 percent at the evasion block rate,
  • 99.62 percent at the exploit block rate and
  • an average secured throughput of 13.962 Gigabit per second.

"We are pleased to award Juniper Networks a "Recommended" rating for its performance in the 2019 DSCG Test evaluate. After a thorough independent review, our test results show that SRX5400 is an excellent security gateway for data centers.

Further validation of the "Juniper Connected Security" approach

Juniper Connected Security enables organizations to protect their entire network. Threats can occur at any point within a network, and the traditional "eggshell security" model, where all defenses are focused on the network perimeter, has not been a viable path for decades. Juniper Connected Security leverages industry-leading infrastructure technology combined with scalable management applications to stop threats as close to the endpoint as possible.

This year, Juniper Networks has already been SIEM Customer Experience Report from Infotech as champion. In this report, Juniper Secure Analytics took first place in a number of categories, including service experience and product impact.

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