Mobile Workplace: fast, safe & affordable unrolling with Awingu

Why mobile workers are important

More and more organisations are promoting work from home or on the road. The reasons are manifold: Your employees ask for it, it demonstrably increases productivity or from current developments such as the recent outbreak of Corona (Covid19). This means that the topic of mobile workplaces is coming to the fore more and more.

AWINGU Architecture

Awingu makes applications, desktops and file shares in HTML5 remotely available via any browser. Users can securely log in from anywhere and from any device (managed or not) via a browser.

The main reason for companies to consider the use of Awingu: to enable the flexible mobile working of employees in a simple, safe and fast way.

How do I quickly get mobile workplaces?

Start from zero

Awingu is a vvirtual appliancethat is installed on the organization's network. There it functions as Aggregator or frontend. This approach works both for server-based computing platforms (for example, Windows Server-based platforms) or for Remote access on Windows desktops of individual users.

Since Awingu works on RDP level, it also works under all Windows and Windows Server versions (e.g. XP, 7, 10, WS2008, WS2016 etc.).

Advantages of the solution

Screen of the user on the Windows desktop

When do you leave?

Awingu is therefore a simple, secure and quickly implemented solution to provide companies that do not have a VDI setup or a server-based computing platform like Citrix with managed end devices for mobile work.

Awingu Logo

Use the advantages of Awingu and increase the mobility of your employees - fast, safe and cheap.

ABAX is your partner of Awingu for all questions concerning Modern Workplace and mobile workers of course would be very happy to help you.

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