ABAX is the first partner of KNIME in Austria

ABAX is strengthening its commitment to artificial intelligence and data science. We are therefore pleased that ABAX is the first official partner of KNIME in Austria.

KNIME®with headquarters in Zurich and offices in Constance, Berlin and Austin, offers a fast, simple and intuitive entry into the field of data science with its data analysis, reporting and integration platform. The KNIME Platform integrates a wide range of data types, statistical functions and advanced prediction and machine learning algorithms. For more than a decade, a thriving community of data scientists in over 60 countries has been working with the KNIME Platform on all kinds of data: from numbers, images, and molecules to complex networks and statistics and big-data analysis.

Further information on KNIME can also be found in this Video.

With our many years of experience in the field of Business Intelligence our specialists offer comprehensive solutions to put your processes on a future-proof basis. In this way we enable you to smoothly integrate artificial intelligence into your company. Discover the hidden potential of your data, make better decisions and improve the cooperation and productivity of your employees.

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