Cloud Computing - The new age of IT

The cloud on earth

The cloud of smart time already accompanies us through our everyday lives. Everyone who does not want to store his data on a local computer reaches for the so-called cloud ("data cloud").
Cloud computing provides us with IT infrastructures via a computer network. Storage space, computing power, data or software are provided as services via the Internet. With our ABAX Cloud you use resources at the latest technical level with the guarantee that this data remains local in Austria.

Who is Cloud suitable for?

The cloud is equally suitable for everyone. We are already familiar with the cloud in our private lives. You have the possibility to access your data at any time and any place using a smartphone, notebook, etc. Not only the location independent access is a big plus of the Cloud. A big advantage is undoubtedly also the cost saving, as investment costs for infrastructure are reduced considerably. The power, speed and flexibility are also major advantages of the cloud. Investments in new technologies and systems pay off quickly. In spite of all this, it is again important to pay attention to the security of your own data.

Securely make your way to the cloud with ABAX

ABAX is aware of the diverse needs of companies, so individually tailored solutions are required. Since data in the cloud is no longer stored in the "own 4 walls", discomfort often plays a major role. Uncertainty increases as the data is "floating around" in the cloud, both at home and abroad. For this reason, ABAX as a local provider offers its customers the security that our customers' data will remain exclusively in Austria.

Floating on cloud 7 with ABAX

With the ABAX Cloud you can actively and securely use the digitalization of your company!

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