The digital twin part 1

The digital twin - already human or still a digital assistant?

Even in ancient times, people dreamt of digital people. At that time, the first "robot experiments" of culture were considered. For example, automatic music machines were invented for theatre performances. The subject of "robotics" has thus been a vision for a very long time, and for some years now it seems to be within reach.

Old ideas in a new guise

The robot was then represented and defined as a "superhuman". Thus "robot" from Czech literature translated means "corvée work", which means "work in the service of a master".

Today we can already communicate with robots and robots can communicate with robots. In many companies, machine people are no longer a rarity and are already part of everyday life. In laboratories, for example, they are used for work that requires precision of a thousandth of a millimeter. Also in research areas, in logistics as well as in the entertainment industry, you can always meet the "superhuman".
This technical progress brings with it a support for people in their daily tasks.

When real and virtual worlds merge

But this does not only lead to a significant relief in the professional area, we also meet our digital colleagues in our private life every day. Think of your smartphone. The female voice of the iOS or Android operating system, which can be called up via voice command and then follows the user's instructions, is basically nothing more than a humanized robot. Voice assistants such as Echo with Alexa from Amazon, Google's Assistant or Apple's Siri, hardly leave our side. But not only that. Nowadays, artificial intelligence also supports you when brushing your teeth. The electric toothbrush sends data to your smartphone via Bluetooth and informs you via app about the ideal toothbrushing technique.

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