IoT and Security - Part Three

Internet of Things and Security -

The 4 most popular excuses for IoT

In the third part of our contributions to IoT (Intenet of Things) and Security we took a closer look at the 4 most popular excuses for the topic.

"Such devices cannot meet the requirements of modern security policies at all"

This statement is not correct, because Narrow Band IoT or Bluetooth Low Energy (optimized power consumption and thus long lifetimes) can be used to realize encrypted transmissions.
For example, even if the IoT device sends data every hour, an AA battery will last for 20 years.

"Updates are not possible"

This is also a statement that is gladly made but should not be taken too seriously. Especially due to the long-term use of IoT devices, updates are absolutely necessary. Even if it may be complicated in some cases, it is possible with almost all systems - and for security reasons it is absolutely necessary.

"Updates cost too much"

A financial loss resulting from a targeted attack on a vulnerability in the system is usually much higher. Not to mention the damage to the company's image.

"Cyberattack - it can't happen at our company".

Unfortunately, reality shows that even large and complex systems are targets of successful attacks because of this opinion.

In brief: There is no panacea for immediately meeting the requirements of IoT and security. Nevertheless, known IT security measures should never be put into the background, but rather approach the questions asked openly and analyse the current situation, especially with regard to OT (Operation Technology) systems.

Therefore a tip from our side: Dedicate yourself to the topic of security in a timely manner, then you are on the safe side!

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