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KNIME and ABAX - Virtual Data Science Learnathon

Get to know the KNIME Analytics Platform through play What is a Learnathon? A Learnathon is a mixture of a Hackathon and a Workshop. It is like a workshop because we learn more about the Data Science cycle - data access, data merging, data preparation, model training,

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Confare CIO Summit 2020 this year with ABAX

Our premiere at the IT Event of the Year in Austria The Confare CIO Summit is undisputedly Austria's largest and most important IT management forum. The CIO Festival offers flexibility and a special framework for networking and individual exchange of experience. ABAX is this year's

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Webinar: Industry 4.0 still has to learn IT security

Industry 4.0 & IoT - Security remains a hot topic With IoT (Internet of Things), companies are able to exploit their potential in terms of productivity, remote monitoring and process optimization more comprehensively and efficiently with networked devices and new services. Especially

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