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Being there is everything! No, not quite - being there means taking knowledge with you and carrying it into your company. We deliberately choose our event partners. In order to make the working life easier for all (not yet) customers. - In this sense, being there costs nothing and brings a lot.

Shadow IT Fighter with CISCO Umbrella & DUO

Deploy, Block, Stop Threats, Accelerate and give an amazing user experience... The Shadow IT epidemic is an extreme security problem for IT security managers. It arises from user acceptance of cloud services. They are not aware of the risk of their actions.

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Meet ABAX @ Expert:innen Conference - Practice Days

  Incentives to mitigate the limiting factors that arise in relation to digitization The vacant shortage of skilled workers is slowing down the digitization of companies The digitization of work processes is an absolute necessity in order to remain competitive in the long term. This fact is

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