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ABAX and HUAWEI at the IDC CIO Forum 2017

ABAX and HUAWEI at the IDC CIO Forum 2017

The IDC Forum on 05.10.2017 again brought together CIOs and other decision-makers to exchange information on various platforms.

Together with our partner HUAWEI, we were able to inform visitors about current issues such as

"What are the real opportunities presented by digital transformation?"
"Who should initiate and lead change in the company?" and
"How can IT - beyond aligning infrastructure and processes with business goals - support this journey?"

Giving answers.

In our Workshop on the topic "NB-IoT - Next Generation Security in the Digital Enterprise" the focus was on Security topics directed. Reference cases as well as experiences from projects gave an overview of potentials and attack vectors, in order to Understanding for security-relevant topics on develop. Together with the participants, generally applicable factors were defined, which can serve as a starting point for the creation of individual scenarios.

We would be happy to advise you on this topic as well.

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