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The need for security is as old as mankind itself. In addition to legal requirements, there are different practical requirements for each industry. Do you need ATEX equipment for hazardous areas? Do you want to increase the safety of your employees, for example in shift operation or when working alone? Or is your access control system getting on in years?
ABAX enables prevention, investigation and security using the latest security technologies.

Protect all aspects of your business

The core task of a digital surveillance system is undoubtedly to provide the highest possible level of security while preserving privacy. Video cameras, electronic access controls and mobile devices are also part of your network. In the event of an alarm, the control of these devices enables a quick reaction to protect your company and your employees.

Alone Worker Protection

Mobile communication devices that are suitable for safe use in hazardous areas (ATEX, IECEx, CSA, EAC, etc.) or for use in industry and outdoor areas form the basis for a seamless alarm chain in case of an emergency.

ABAX supports you in projects to implement the alarm chain in all areas: from triggering an emergency call to coordination in the control center to alerting via the network and to the recipient.

Threats do not remain undetected

Intelligent access control and video surveillance systems enable intelligent analysis and optimization of resources and support innovative services in addition to the classic protection functions. Our intelligent solutions support you with modern technology to achieve these goals. ABAX will be happy to advise you on possible individual solutions and will work with you to develop a protection and monitoring concept that is tailored to your needs.

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