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Indoor location: Juniper Mist Systems with top ranking at Gartner

Juniper Networks (Mist Systems) with top ranking among visionaries for indoor location services

Juniper Networks (Mist Systems)one of the leading providers of secure, AI-controlled networks, IoT and location solutions, will be presented at the current Gartner Report for Indoor Location Services positioned as a top supplier in the "Visionaries" quadrant.

Gartner Magic Quadrant Indoor Location 2020

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Indoor Location Services

Download the complete report

The ranking is based on a combination of independent research and interviews Gartner conducted with Juniper (Mist Systems) customers as part of this research.

This is an independent confirmation of what many customers have already achieved by using Juniper (Mist Systems) for their use cases. 

The main findings

Advantages from Juniper Mist Systems, among others:

  • The platform is based on a open architecture with integrated Microservices
  • Scalability and open APIs for the Integration with ecosystem partners.
  • Virtual BLE (Vvirtual Bluetooth Low Energy) tags make physical beacons superfluous
  • Integration of components of Third party providers

"The purpose-built analytics application provides business intelligence tools for data analysis around traffic flows and space utilization."

- Gartner Magic Quadrant for Indoor Location Services, Global 2020- ID G00385050

Virtual BLE as a strategic approach

Solutions from Juniper Mist Systems are based on Virtual BLE technology. This enables organizations to deliver location-based experiences that are engaging, accurate, real-time and scalable. With this Technology mobile assets can be located quickly and cost-effectively without having to manually deploy and manage physical beacons.

Simple management and rapid response to new requirements

This is already apparent when setting up the solution: instead of conducting a site survey to manually position the access points or beacons, the administrator sees virtual beacons on a map. Their placement was determined by the Mist cloud platform. If the environment changes, the administrator can simply drag the beacon to a new location.

Take advantage of Juniper Mist Systems' leading solution for customer experience solutions for Retail, Healthcare or Government or IoT.

ABAX is a long-standing partner of Juniper and will answer all your questions about Juniper Networks solutions  would be very happy to help you.

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